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2023 Wharf St Public Artwork

2023, 'A Connective Reveal—Through Time', 152 Wharf St, Australian Taxation Office, Brisbane.

Digital Ceramic Print on Glass, Cast Bronze. Project Managed by Urban Art Projects, for the facade windows of the Australian Taxation Office, 152 Wharf St, Brisbane.

The distinctive horizontal forms on the windows of 152 Wharf Street are created with a custom-built painting armature that uses water to erode through stratums of white chalks into ochres and oxides. The gradual build-up and pooling of colours bring forward new stories and typographies informed by each mineral layer of the work. The organic lines envisage a timeline of history—alike the lines of stratification in sandstone, or nearby Brisbane Tuff typical to this area. These ancient knowledge systems embedded in the earth both record and shape our movement across Country.