2023 15 Artists

Recipient, 15 Artists, Acquisitive art prize, Moreton Bay Gallery & Museums

More information on the 15 Artists prize and exhibition can be found online here.


Robert Andrew, held within a voice, 2023
Rocks, burnt branches, shell, ochre, oxides, string, aluminium, and electromechanical components

Yawuru artist Robert Andrew’s work combines programmable machinery with earth pigments, ochres, and rocks to mine historical events and cultural knowledge that has been denied or distanced by the dominant paradigms of western culture. held within a voice articulates the intertwined relationship of language and Country by visualising the wavelengths of Yawuru Ngan-ga (Yawuru Language) with gradually evolving natural elements. Burnt branches, rocks, and shell are suspended on strings attached to custom-built mechanisms their choreography is based on intonations of spoken language. With each movement a new landscape of language is inscribed onto the gallery wall.


Photo courtesy of City of Moreton Bay. Photographed by Louis Lim. Images: Louis Lim