2021 Final Call

Final Call, Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens, 2021


Artwork: Temporal Landscapes, 2021
Mechanical components and water


Temporal Landscapes draws attention to the interconnectedness of the land, waters, sky, and all living things. Located on the Lagoon, Robert Andrew’s work for Final Call uses a mechanical system to draw in water and spray it back over the lagoon. Through this process, unexpected patterns appear and a scatter of sound can be heard as the machine sprays and water droplets connect with the surface. As the water spray travels above the lagoon, it interacts unexpectedly with changing conditions in the atmosphere such as the wind, temperature, and humidity, making each cycle unique.

Andrew uses one of our most precious resources—water—to reveal the interconnectedness of the environment. The pauses between the actions are important as they present a moment to consider the environment closely. With senses heightened waiting for the next action, other sounds, visual elements and even smells in the immediate environment draw attention to the activity of life in the spaces we occupy.

See the Final Call website for more information on this exhibition.