Creativity of Things

Exhibition for the 2016 CreateWorld conference

Corrupting the Linear is a large two wall installation that explores the creative potential for the interaction of simple everyday elements, new technological platforms and the physical space around us. It is a performative, constantly altering, kinetic, computer programmed, machine-based work that converts text to pattern. The installation takes the form of mechanically driven undulating strings and suspended small stone rocks. Text is fed into the machine and re-imagined from the physical tracing of text into seemingly random/natural patterns. The concept of the artwork begins from observances of linear and binary motion. I notice how the linearity of the mechanical components have the potential to be corrupted and changed through interactions with language and physical elements and speak about the corruption of denied and forgotten histories by the dominant technologies, perspectives and language of colonial Australian culture.


About: CreateWorld is a project of the AUC. Our goal is to promote the sharing of information and experiences, and foster educational development activities, through a collaborative community of engaged members. CreateWorld is our 2 day performance, presentation, and professional development event, specifically for academic and technical staff who work in the digital arts disciplines.

The CreateWorld conference is hosted by the Queensland College of Art at Griffith University. For more information on the conference visit