Brisbane Lane ways - 2017

‘Maiwar is a city-wide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contemporary art exhibition on display around Brisbane during May 2017.

Maiwar is the traditional word used to refer to the waterway now known as the Brisbane River, making it a fitting name for this exhibition.’


‘Maiwar curators – BlakLash Collective

Freja Carmichael, Katina Davidson and Amanda Hayman are BlakLash Collective.

BlakLash are a newly established collective, developed out of our longstanding working relationships and identified need for culturally appropriate representation in the consultation, development and delivery of creative projects involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.’ copied from Maiwar BCC



‘Residual Pathways (2013-2016)

Residual Pathways will be on display in Hutton Lane during Maiwar.

About the artwork

Residual Pathways are images that show the result of a mechanical palimpsest process, one that erodes and erases old historical colonial text using water to wash away and reveal what lies beneath. The layers of white chalk, ochres and red oxides mixed with the water bleed down the surfaces leaving residual pathways before settling and overlaying previous surfaces. These pathways connect with other rivers of water and ochres, slowly building to create these new images of tributaries and landscapes.’

Images coming soon.