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Drawn to Experience V2 2015

Pop Gallery, Woolloongabba. ANU Gallery, Canberra -

Curated by Kellie O’Dempsey


The installation piece Transitional Text was created for this exhibition as part of the Drawing International Brisbane conference in October 2015. This work used an electromechanical erasure machine that eroded a fragile, layered, substrate comprised of oxides ochres and chalks. Technically modelled on a desk top printer, the erasure machine subverts and reverses the printing process, pulsing fine jets of water in a reductive rather than additive process and creating a new image through the removal of old text. This work evolved over a 10 day period (21 days at the ANU gallery) to reveal the Yawurru word for soil/ground/country. The residues created by the process developed into it’s own landscape on the transitional canvas below the text. On completion the surfaces are scraped back so the substrate of chalk and ochre can be re applied and the process continued.

Language from the Yawuru People, Kimberley region, Western Australia.


Transitional Text - BURU